Study International Economic Relations in Ukraine

International Economics Relations Programs in Ukraine

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When you study International Economic Relations, you learn that it is a study of the relations of states with each other and with International Organizations and certain subnational entities e.g. bureaucracies, political parties, and interest groups. It is related to a number of other academic disciplines, including Political Science, Geography, History, Economics, Law, Sociology, Psychology, and Philosophy.

If you have Successfully passed Higher Secondary School – You can join Bachelors of International Relations in Ukraine. Duration of Bachelor’s; 4 years

If you own a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economic Relations already  – You are eligible to join the Masters of International Economic Relations. Duration of Master’s; 1,5 years

The medium of instruction to study International Economic Relations is purely English

The medium of instruction: English

Tuition fee breakdown for 1st year:

Tuition Fee first year2000US$
Invitation letter to study – paid only once225US$
Courier Service Charges – paid only once100$US
Visa Confirmation – sent to the Embassy of Ukraine electronically through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine  – paid only once100US$
Health Insurance costs – paid only once300US$
Immigration Insurance costs – paid only once200US$
Hostel fee  (well-furnished rooms, two to four persons in one room) first year600$US
Registration & 4 years resident card with multiple entry/exit to Ukraine without the visa – paid only once100US$
Consultancy Charges of our firm – paid only once1000US$
Airport pick up – paid only once100US$
Transport to school with our staff- paid only once100US$
Grand Total Payable upon arrival4800US$

Subsidized Tuition fee from 2nd year to final year 2200US$ per year including accommodation. Paid directly to the university

Important: Tuition fee Grand Total is payable upon arrival except for 425$US  which includes Student Invitation, Visa Support, and Courier Service fee to send the original invitation letter through DHL, TNT, FedEx, or EMS. 425$US is the only amount payable through bank transfer, western union, or money gram from your country.

Note: The given Tuition fee structure stands for the cheapest University in Ukraine to Study International Economic Relations Course.

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