Kharkiv Medical Academy Of Postgraduate Education

I am honored to welcome you on behalf of the staff and students of Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education!

The history of our Academy lasts for 80 years and we have old traditions, which we keep carefully and try to multiply. Within the Academy outstanding masters of medicine, famous scientists and talented pedagogues worked in the past and continue to work now, their names deco- rate glorious pages of the country history.

Academy is one of the powerful higher educational establishments in Ukraine , providing all kinds of postgraduate education for physicians from Ukraine , NIS countries and from abroad.

Academy is a unique higher educational establishment in Ukraine as far as its pro ?le is concerned, providing specialists in the following area: primary specialty (internship)in 48 specialties, secondary specialty in 70 specialties, area improvement, pre-accreditation training and training in almost all medical specialties.

Within many years we have been creating a productive system of training for professionals in science and pedagogy and a well-organized system of scientific research work planning. Outstanding scientists of the Academy and scientific schools and directions which they have designed are known not only in our country but also all over the world.

The future of the modern medicine development belongs to the specialists of the new generation and your will make the right decision if you choose our educational establishment to continue your education at postgraduate stage.

Department of International Relations

The department of international relations provides various activities with foreign specialists which are being trained in Academy.

The Academy trains the foreign experts for more than 40 years in clinical ORDINATURA (specialized training in medicine) – term of the course 2-7 years, ASPIRANTURA (postgraduate course) 3-4 years, probation (3 months – 4 years), improvement of qualification (1 month and more).

The department cooperates constantly with Embassies of foreign countries from which are the specialists being trained or who intend to be trained in KhMAPE.

Recently the relations of the Academy with many foreign countries are in progress. The international relations are realized in 2 main aspects:

At present 120 foreigners are being trained in KhMAPE.

The significant scientific potential, high professionalism, international authority attracts foreigners to the Academy.

The most representatives are from Lebanon , Jordan , Palestine , Morocco , Syria , and India . Totally, they are from 28 countries.

The principal experts of the KhMAPE are invited to participate in international congresses, symposia; every year the scholars read abroad the lectures, reports or are on business trip in the foreign academic centers.

The department of International Relations organizes the admittance of the foreigners to the training courses in KhMAPE, gives legal assistance and visa support, prepares and issues the invitations for the training in KhMAPE.

The department of International Relations advertises the opportunities to be trained in KhMAPE at INTERNET site and through the e-mail.







We will be glad to see you at our Academy!

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