Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy

Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy is founded in 1958. It is the only higher educational institution of 4th accreditation level in Ukraine specialized in engineering pedagogues’ training for the system of vocational training. Teachers, training officers for technical colleges, technical schools as well as engineers for production departments and design offices are trained in the Academy. Students also have an opportunity to get the second specialty and a working profession in the course of their studies.

UEPA today has:

International activities

International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP) accredited UEPA as a higher educational institution meeting European standards of engineering education in 2000; therefore the Academy has been included into the European Register IGIP-INDEX. The National Monitoring Committee for Engineering Education functioning at the Academy has the powers to award the title of European Educator (International Engineer-Pedagogue).

Foreign students of UEPA have the right