National Mining University

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More than a hundred years ago Yekaterinoslav Higher Mining School was founded with the purpose of providing the mining industry with highly qualified specialists. The same task is put before us nowadays, but it is more extended and difficult. Ukraine is rich in mineral resources. The problem is their more effective use in combination with the opportunities of modern technologies and market conditions. This is a distinguishing feature of a new generation of specialists who are trained at the Mining University.

A brilliant teaching staff of more than 150 doctors of science, professors and about 400 candidates of science, associate professors is the guarantee of the higher professional level of training of our graduates. The National Mining University is a leading institution of education and science. In the conditions of integration processes it trains highly qualified specialists and scientists in all the specialties of the mining and geological-prospecting industries, fuel and power engineering and raw material complexes, machine building, systems of automation and computerization of production.

Our graduates are good at modern computer technologies and are capable of solving complex tasks of industry development, economy and law.

The number of students of the National Mining University is growing steadily. Training of specialists in new specialties has begun. The state standards in education and modern educational technologies, which are based on the principles of the Bologna Declaration are being developed and introduced. Students of the National Mining University are provided with ample opportunities: they can get both a military specialty and a second education and obtain a working profession. In addition to basic subjects you may receive additional knowledge in economics, ecology and foreign languages.

The university itself earns money and spends it on improving the material basis and widening the sphere of social protection of students and teaching staff. This money is also used for raising students’ scholarships.

Many years ago the National Mining University entered the international space. The main aim of this activity was to affirm in the world the high quality of training of specialists in Ukraine in technical subjects, and in humanities and to use the best educational technologies of the leading American and European universities in the learning/teaching process. Nowadays we have stable business contacts with more than 40 universities and research institutions in 20 countries of western and central Europe, Asia and Northern America. The most important areas of international activity are collaboration with foreign partners in holding research and doing mutual educational projects. University specialists, students, and graduates take an active part in prestigious international symposia, conferences and congresses.

The University has the following centers: Ukrainian-German cultural center, Ukrainian-American linguistic center, Ukrainian-Spanish-Latin American center as well as the centers of power consumption and power management, center of technical security of information, Center of aesthetics development, gemological center. Due to such advanced training and multilateral ties of the university with foreign educational establishment, our students and post-graduates get international grants to study in higher schools in Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Spain and the USA.

Specialists of our university participate in national, international, inter-branch and regional programs aimed at solving priority tasks of the development of fuel and power engineering complex, raw material basis, machine building and ecology. The university scientific achievements in mining and efficient use of coal, ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, in the development of the resource and power saving, nature protective and geo information technologies and up-to-date systems of production control are recognized and widely used in Ukraine and in the world.

Our university has highly-qualified scientific and pedagogical potential in combination with the developed up-to-date laboratory basis and unique equipment as well as close ties with industry. University scientists take an active part in solving urgent economic issues. This makes an educational process a contemporary one and provides with further development of world-famous scientific schools, which have appeared in the university over the century.

The National Mining University entered the third millennium as a world-recognized higher educational institution of the European level with a substantial intellectual potential, which is the guarantee of high-quality knowledge and further professional development of its graduates.

Directions of training, specialties and specializations

Direction of training

Name of Specialty (specialization)

Educational and Qualification level

Mining Faculty

MiningMining of Mineral Deposits (underground mining of mineral deposits; open-pit mining; labor safety in mining production; transport systems of mining enterprises)B, S, M
EcologyEcology and Safety of EnvironmentB, S, M

Faculty of Construction Geotechnologies

MiningMining and Underground Construction  (construction and reconstruction of mining enterprises; municipal underground construction, automobile roads and tunnels construction)B, S, M
SurveyingB, S, M
Geodesy, Cartography, System of Land tenureSystem of Land Tenure and CadastreB,S

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering mechanicsMining Equipment (energymechanical complexes of mining production; designing, production and exploring of equipment for mineral deposits; … for processing mineral resources; computer technologies of designing mining equipment; designing management of mining equipment)B, S, M
Mechanical Engineering Technology (technology of automated production; reliability, diagnostics and repairing of equipment, marketing in mechanical engineeringB, S, M
Automobiles and automobile propertyB,S
Transport TechnologiesTransportation Organization and Automobile Transport ControlB
Organization and Regulation of Road TrafficB
MiningMineral Dressing (quality, standardization and certification of mineral raw materials; technology of mineral dressing)B, S, M

Faculty of Geological Prospecting

GeologyGeology (geology, evaluation, diagnostics of precious and semi-precious stones)B, S, M
Hydrogeology (hydrogeology and engineering geology; engineering hydrogeology)B, S, M
Geophysics  (prospecting geophysics, ecological geophysics)B, S, M
Geodesy, Cartography, System of Land TenureGeoinformational systems and TechnologiesB,S
Computer ScienceComputer Ecological and Economical monitoringB,S
Intellectual Systems of Making DecisionsB,S
MiningDrillingB, S, M

Institute of Power Engineering

Applied MathematicsSystem Analyses and ControlB, S, M
Computer SciencesInformational Control Systems and TechnologiesB, S, M
Software of Automized SystemsB, S, M
Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering systems of electrical supply (energy management, electrical engineering systems of enterprises electrical supply, electrical engineering systems of mining enterprises electrical supply)B, S, M
Specific categoriesEnergy managementS,M
Computer systems, automatics and controlSystems of control and automatics (computer systems and automatics; mechatronics)B, S, M
Electrical EngineeringElectromechanical systems of Automatization and Electric Drive (… of general industrial installations, … of flexible industrial complexes)B, S, M
Electromechanical equipment of Power-Consuming IndustriesB, S, M
Computer EngineeringComputer Systems and NetworksB,S
Automatization and Computer Integrated TechnologiesAutomated Control over Technological Processes (… of mining industry)B, S, M
TelecommunicationsTelecommunication Systems and NetworksB,S
MetrologyMetrology and measuring equipmentB

Institute of Economics

Economics and BusinessEconomic CyberneticsB, S, M
FinancesB, S, M
Accounting and AuditB, S, M
Economics of EnterprisesB, S, M
ManagementManagement of OrganizationsB, S, M
Management of Foreign Economic ActivityB, S, M
Specific CategoriesAdministrative ManagementМ

Listing Details

Teaching staff600 teachers (>100 doctors and professors, 350 candidates)
Students trained16 000+
  • Mining Faculty
  • Faculty of Construction Geotechnologies
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Geological Prospecting
  • Institute of Power Engineering
  • Institute of Economics
  • Faculty of Law
  • Power Engineering
  • Economics
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Geological Prospecting
  • Faculty of Law
  • Extramural Learning
  • Interbranch Institute of Continuing Learning