Kyiv National University Of Construction and Architecture

General Information:

National university of Constructions and Architecture was founded on the bases of Kyiv State Technical University of Construction and Architecture. But its history starts much earlier – from its foundation in 1930 on the bases of factory and communal construction branch of Kyiv Polytechnic and Architectural faculty of the Art Institute.

In 1939 Construction Institute became to People’s Commissariat of Construction and was given the name of Kyiv Civil Engineering Institute.

In 1976 Kyiv Civil-Engineering Institute was awarded with the Red Banner of Labour Order for its achievements in training of specialists and scientific researches and was names Kyiv Red Banner of Labor Order Civil Engineering Institute.

Since 1993 our educational institution was given a name of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture.

From 1931 till 2005 KNUCA trained nearly 64 thousand specialists, including those for 80 foreign countries.

8 thousand students study at 6 main departments of the university where specialists of 23 specializations and 13 trends are trained.

The teaching process is carried out by 50 chairs and their highly qualified scientific and teaching staff numbering 630 scientists having the scientific degrees and ranks. Among them there are about 90 doctors of sciences, professors.

Among the graduates of the University there are 2 Heroes of the Soviet Union , more than 70 state 

Teaching staff>230 (100 doctors and professors, 300 candidates)
Students trained10 000+
  • Automation and information technologies department;
  • Architectural faculty;
  • Construction faculty;
  • Construction technological department;
  • Sanitary-Engineering department;
  • Geoinformation systems and territory management technologies;
  • Automation and information technologies
  • Architectural
  • Construction departament
  • Construction technological departament
  • Sanitary-Engineering
  • Geoinformation systems and territory management technologies.