Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Founded in 1930 as the Kharkiv Civil Engineering Institute received the Status of State University in 1994. It received the national Level In 2011 – Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Foreign Students study at KhNUBA since 1950.

Education at the university is carried out in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

We are convinced that the staff and students of Kharkiv National University of Construction and Architecture are proud of their glorious history, scientific achievements, classical educational traditions, fruitful international activities, outstanding research and teaching staff, and talented graduates. KhNUBA is rightly considered the largest forge of construction personnel and the center of construction science in the country. Thousands of talented people – scientists, builders, architects, mechanics, and many other professionals received a ticket to life at our university. They bear with dignity and honor the good name of the graduate of HIBI KhDTUBAKhNUBA, continuing the glorious traditions established by previous generations. For almost 90 years of its existence, the university has trained more than 165,000 highly qualified specialists not only for sovereign Ukraine but also for 50 countries abroad.

Well-known scientific schools have been established and they successfully operate at the university, the development and achievements of which are aimed at activities in the field of architectural design, architectural environment design, reconstruction and restoration of architectural objects, improving construction quality, developing new technologies, efficient structures, new modern building materials and much more. Today, the training of specialists at the university is carried out in 17 specialties of full-time and part-time forms of education. The scientific and pedagogical staff of the university, which forms the quality and intellectual potential of future professionals, is more than 500 people. Among them are 56 doctors of sciences, professors; 310 candidates of sciences, associate professors; 20 teachers of the university are academicians and corresponding members of various branch academies, 15 teachers have honorary titles (Honored Builder, Honored Architect, Honored Worker of Higher Education, Honored Worker of Science and Technology, etc.).

The university actively develops modern culture, popularizes science, realizing its educational function thanks to the efforts of the teams of 36 departments, which currently provide educational services to more than 18 thousand local and foreign students. The university has postgraduate and doctoral programs, which allows us to train highly qualified specialists, and in three specialized scientific councils, future doctors of philosophy and doctors of sciences in eight specialties have the opportunity to defend their dissertations.

Today, thanks to the achievements of scientific and pedagogical workers and scientists of the university, as well as the legacy of tens of thousands of highly qualified graduates – architects, engineers, ecologists, economists, financiers, and other professionals – KhNUBA is rightly considered one of the most powerful engineering universities in Ukraine. process and research. Supporting this inseparable connection, as well as cooperation with leading national and foreign educational institutions, industries, and other institutions promotes the active implementation of the latest innovative pedagogical and scientific developments and technologies.

KhNUBA fruitfully cooperates with 41 foreign universities and scientific and practical organizations of Austria, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal, most of which participated in consortia created by our university in the framework of the project. TEMPUS and ERASMUS. New partners from Ariel University in Tel Aviv (Israel), the University of Toronto (Canada), the Evert Engineering Company (Toronto, Canada), and the Lublin Polytechnic University (Poland) were also involved in the international cooperation network.

The National Strategy for the Development of University Education in Ukraine in the context of the European Space for 2012-2021 requires the creation of a modern material and technical base, providing conditions for the development of the modern teaching aids industry and mass computerization. The material and technical base of the university is being modernized and updated. Modern specialized laboratories, computer classes, electronic reading room equipped with modern computer equipment, gyms, primary health care center, museum-exhibition complex, canteens and cafes, student club, etc.

Faculty of Civil Engineering

The faculty includes 10 departments, of which 6 are graduates by specialization

And 4 departments of fundamental and general training:

The faculty graduates students with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in specialty 192 “Construction and Civil Engineering” Professional Direction “Industrial and Civil Construction”, “Hydraulic Construction”

Faculty of Architecture

The faculty includes 9 departments, of which 6 are graduates by specialization

3 Departments of Fundamental and General Training

The faculty graduates students with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at specialty 191 “Architecture and Urban Planning”

Faculty of Mechanics and Technology

The faculty unites 6 departments, of which 4 are graduate and 2 departments of fundamental and general training.

Graduation Departments:

Departments of General Training:

List of Specialties

The faculty graduates students with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees  in the following specialties:

Faculty of Economics and Management

6 departments – 4 graduating and 2 fundamental and general training

Graduation Departments:

Departments of General Training:

The faculty graduates students with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees  in the following specialties:

Faculty of Sanitary Engineering

 6 Departments:

The faculty graduates students with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees  in the following specialties:

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