Khmelnytskyi National University

Khmelnytskyi National University is the biggest higher educational institution in Podillya, which trains specialists in 40 areas and conducts educational, methodical, scientific work. The University was founded in 1962. Since that time it has transformed from general technical faculty of Ukrainian Printing Institute to Khmelnytskyi National University, which has the highest IV-th level of accreditation.

Nowadays there are many Universities that offer educational services in Ukraine. But KhNU gets global recognition, introduces new technologies and teaching methods, is actively involved in various international projects, conferences, students, teachers and scientists exchange programs.

1. Distance Learning allows students to make their own educational plan for the semester and to determine the way of learning a certain subject. The students are trained using online-video conferences in a comfortable place and time for them.

2. High demands for quality education in the institution. Authorities of the university and academic staff are exacting to their students, that helps to train highly qualified specialists and make them achievement-oriented at the labour market.

3. Professional academic staff. The academic process at the university is provided by 50 departments. There are 72 Doctors of Sciences. Professors more than 440 Candidates of Science. Associate Professors. Contacts with educational establishments from foreign countries enable raising professional skills of University employees, improvement of educational programs and subjects, organizing the exchange of academic staff.

4. Material and technical resources. KhNU has eight academic building including the Sports Hall. Research and Experimental Building Library. Rowing base. There was created a Botanical Garden with 1400 trees and shrubs.

5. Wide range of specialities. The university has 7 faculties that train specialist in 50 fields of studies.

6. Preparatory Department, which provides thorough theoretical preparation for Exam Focus Complex Tests and Entrance Examination, psychological adaptation to conditions and teaching process in the University.

7. Affordable studying. Khmelnytskyi National University offers high-quality education for an affordable price.

8. Student’ cultural life. Numerous artistic and dance groups, theatre miniatures Yumodes, folk theatre of song Suzirya function in the University Here is a Sports Complex with a specialized hall for fighting. Fitness Center. Medical Office, multimedia laboratory, shower rooms. There is a Stadium, playgrounds with an artificial surface.

9. Housing. Five dormitories are available for foreign students.

Listing Details

StatusNational | State Owned
Teaching staff600
Students trained20 000
Faculties7 Faculties with 50 areas of training
MajorsFaculty of Economics and Management


– Economic Theory Department

– Enterprise and Business Economics

– Department of Management

– Department of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

– Department of Automated Systems and Modeling in Economics

– Department of Economics, Management and Administration

– Personnel Management and Labor Economics

– Department of Marketing and Commercial Business

– Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance


Humanitarian and Pedagogical Faculty

– Department of Psychology and Pedagogy

– Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy

– Department of Technological and Professional Education and Decorative Arts

– Department of Ecology

– Department of Ukrainian Philology

– Department of Slavic Philology

– Department of Human Health

– Department of Physical Education


Faculty of Engineering Mechanics

– Department of Branch Engineering and Agro Engineering

– Department of Design Basis

– Department of Occupational Health and Safety

– Department of Machines’ Durability and Reliability

– Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology

– Department of Machines and Apparatuses, Electromechanical and Power Systems


Faculty of Programming, Computer and Telecommunication Systems

– Department of Physics an Engineering

– Department of Telecommunications and Computer Integrated Technologies

– Department of Computer Engineering and Systems Programming

– Department of Computer Systems, Networks and Cybersecurity

– Department of Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

– Department of Software Engineering

– Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

– Department of Higher Mathematics and Computer Science


Faculty of Technology and Design

– Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

– Department of Drawing and Graphics Project

– Department of Technology and Design of Sewing Products

– Department of Design and Technologies of Leather Products

– Department of Design


Faculty of International Relations

– Department of International Information and Country Studies (Section of International Information)

– Department of International Economic Relations

– Department of Germanic Philology and Translation Studies

– Department of International Information and Geography (Department of Geography and Tourism)

– Department of Foreign Language Teaching Methods and Practice

– Department of Foreign Languages

– Department of Philosophy and Political Science

– Department of Law