Kharkiv National University of Economics

Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics (S. Kuznets KhNEU) is the largest economic education establishment in the city of Kharkiv, and one of the best economic universities in Ukraine.

The educational process is conducted by a teaching staff of 735 lecturers, including 60 doctors and 438 candidates of science. There are 7 faculties (Faculty of Economics and Law; Economic Informatics; Management and Marketing; International Economic Relations; Consulting and International Business; Faculty of Finance and Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training), Department of Distance and Distance Education, Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies, Special Councils for Dissertation Defense, Scientific -research and training laboratories.

In cooperation with the University of Cambridge at KhNEU. S. Kuznets has been taking Business English Certificates (BEC) exams for business English since 2010. So far, 198 teachers and 260 students have passed the exams and received BEC certificates. KhNEU them. S. Kuznets received the status of an independent center for preparing candidates for the Cambridge University wind farm exam.

On October 30, 1930, Kharkiv Engineering and Economic Institute was formed on the basis of the largest at the time Industrial Department. Today this date is officially considered the foundation day of KhNUE. KhEEI trained engineers and economists for the heavy industry of Soviet Ukraine. The Institute was notable for being one of the leading educational, scientific, and research centers of Ukraine in the field of industrial economics. The scientists of the Institute took part in research programs on the deployment of production capacities of heavy industry of Ukraine, the introduction of cost-effective technologies, the use of modern mathematical methods of planning of production and labor organization, creation of automated systems of production management (Industrial Control System).

In 1956 – the 1960s the scientific and research laboratory on the economy of the industry headed by prof. O. Lieberman operated in KhEEI. Its scientists’ offers created by the results of the research have been assumed as a basis of the concept of the economic reform of 1965.

Since the end of the 1980s, the Institute expands the range of areas of training of students, starting the training of specialists in International Economics, Finance, and Banking, staff management, etc. 1994 the Institute was granted the status of State University of Economics.

In the 1990s – beginning of the 2000s the University distinguished itself as the leader of economic education in Ukraine, which often determines the direction of its development.

On August 21, 2004, the University was granted the status of National.

Education at the university is carried out in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

Faculty of Economy and Law 

The faculty graduates students with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

Specialty 051 “Economics”

– Specialization “Enterprise Economics”
– Specialization “Human Resource Management and Labor Economics”
– Specialization “Economic Theory and Economic Policy”
– Specialization “Business statistics and analytics”

Specialty 061 “Journalism”

– Specialization “Advertising and Public Relations”
– Specialization “Media Communications”

Specialty 081 “Law”

– Specialization “Legal regulation of the economy”

Specialty 232 “Social Security”

– Specialization “Social Sphere Management”

Specialty 281 “Public Management and Administration”

– Specialization “Public Administration”

Faculty of Economic Informatics

The faculty graduates students with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

Specialty 121 “Software Engineering”

– specialization “Software Engineering”

Specialty 051 “Economics”

– specialization “Economic Cybernetics”

Specialty 122 “Computer Science”

– specialization “Computer Science”

Specialty 124 “Systems Analysis”

– specialization “Management of complex systems”

Specialty 125 “Cybersecurity”

– specialization “Cybersecurity”

Specialty 126 “Information Systems and Technologies”

– specialization “Information systems and technologies”

Specialty 186 “Publishing and Printing”

– specialization “Technology of electronic multimedia publications”

– specialization “Computer technology and publishing- printing systems production”

Faculty of Management and Marketing

The faculty graduates students with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

Specialty 073 “Management”

Educational and professional programs:
– Business Administration;
– Logistics;
– Management of Innovation Activity;
– Management of Organizations and Administration.

Specialty 075 “Marketing”

Educational-professional program:
– Marketing

Faculty of Consulting and International Business

The faculty graduates students with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

Specialty 071 “Accounting and Taxation”

– “Accounting and Audit”
– “Business Consulting”
– “Financial and economic security”

Specialty 291 “International Relations, Public Communications, and Regional Studies”

– Specialization “International relations, public communications, and regional studios”

Specialty 292 “International Economic Relations”

– Specialization “International Business”

Specialty 073 “Management”

– Specialization “Financial and Economic Security Management”

Faculty of Finance

The faculty graduates students with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

Specialty 071 “Accounting and Taxation” – regular bachelors 4 years | shortened training period 2 years

– Educational and Professional Program “Tax Management”

Specialty 072 “Finance, Banking and Insurance” – regular bachelors 4 years | shortened training period 2 years

– “Finance and Credit”
– “IT finance”
– “Corporate Finance”
– “Risk Management and Insurance”
– “Banking”
– “Banking Engineering and Consulting”
– “Customs”

Specialty 075 “Marketing”

– Educational and professional program “Financial Marketing”

Faculty of International Economic Relations

The faculty graduates students with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

– Specialization “International Business”

Faculty of training foreign citizens

KhNUE of Economics has been preparing foreign citizens since 1949. During this time, more than 1,5000 specialists for 74 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America have been trained. 720 of them have received a Ph.D. in Economics. Among our graduates are the Prime Minister, the Head of the National Bank, there are also directors of companies and enterprises in Ukraine, some of them teach at universities in China, Vietnam, Nigeria, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, while others continue their education in Canada, the U.S., Russia, France, and England.

Having proved expertise and well-established traditions, the university provides high-quality training for specialists, allowing them to achieve success in their studies and future work.

Admission of foreigners for training is carried out in accordance with international treaties of Ukraine, national programs, contracts of educational establishments with certain legal institutions and individuals. Previous education credentials must be certified in accordance with the laws of the country of issue and legalized in the accepted procedure in case other procedures are not provided by international agreements of Ukraine with a view to their nostrification by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MESU).

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