Study at National Universities of Ukraine only | Study in Ukraine 2020-2021

Education in Ukraine has become more about “business” as numerous Private Universities start offering Admission to foreign students. 

These private universities claim to be “leading universities of Ukraine” which is a fake claim. Just think how could these universities become “leading universities” with a few month’s existences and with literally three rooms and moreover with a small rented building for the university.  The individual owners of Private Universities are well aware that an international student can not visit the university personally without having a student invitation letter and a student visa – They use this huge distance as an instrument and develop attractive websites and advertise on the internet to trap and then trick the foreign students.    They give “attractive offers” of making admission into 2nd year to reduce the number of years of studies and to many students, they offer the transfer into higher levels of studies without certification – all this is a trap, there is no truth in it.  These private universities – most of them even do not have a hostel for their students or otherwise a hostel with substandard miserable living conditions.   Private universities only aim to bring students to Ukraine and to take their monies. Some even get permanently closed ? after a couple of year’s existence – Because they can not pay the salaries to their young and inexperienced teachers – or after an audit by governments of Ukraine.   TO AVOID THE TROUBLES ENROL ONLY IN A NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF UKRAINE We have marvelous National Universities in Ukraine which are leading universities indeed with huge buildings and well-developed infrastructure to entertain the students. Only a State-Owned National or State University can satisfy the thirst for knowledge of a keen student.    For Admission in a Reliable University Contact Euro Education Services